Daniela Krajčová (1983, Žilina) is interested in socially based artistic projects. Her process includes the use of experimental documentary strategies, animation, drawing and installation. She uses active participation and investigation and oral history to shape society through a more critical view of Slovakia’s complicated past and present. In addition, she also explores global themes such as immigration issues in France (project The length of their stay, 2008) and in Slovakia (Slovak for Asylum Seekers, 2010). She used the everyday process of drawing in the public space as the strategy of research about the decline of the marketplace in Mexico City due to mafia gang violence (Marketplace Morelos, 2010). She worked with the theme of the slovak nurses of seniors in Austria (Nach Wien, 2012). Intolerance and rasism towards different ethnical minority and its specifity on the local kontext of the region is explored in the work Varuj (2012) about the gipsies in Ilija. She is working on the thesis reflecting the local history about the jewish comunity in three slovak cities, Topoľčany, Banská Štiavnica and Žilina.



2000-2008     Academy od Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava

                         Department of Architecture, Printmaking, Intermedia and Multimedia
2008-2010     Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava department of Animation
since 2009     Academy od Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava doctoral studies





2004          Universidad Veracruzana, Jalapa, Mexico,exchange program, 7 months
2006          European Voluntary Service, program artist in residence, 6 months, Fougeres, France
2006          University of West England, 3 months animation course, Bristol, UK
2007          Capital Avenir, 6 months artistic project with immigrants, Aix-en-Provence, France
2010          artistic project, Mexico city, Mexico
2011          artistic residency, Museums Quartier, Vienna
2012          artistic residency, Banská St a nica, Banská Štiavnica


individual Exhibitions

2012           324, Nástupište 1-12, Topolčany, Slovakia
2011           „Frame by frame", (with Veronika Schubert), Austrian cultural forum, Bratislava
2010           „Terra cognita", (with Štefan Papčo), Nitrianska galéria, Nitra
2010           „Slovak for asylum seekers", Galeria Cypriana Majernika, Bratislava


Collective Exhibitions

2012           Asking architecture. Bienale of architectre, Venezia, Italy
2012           Frejm baj Frejm. New synagogue, Žilina
2012           Home sweet potato II. Gallery Medium, Bratislava
2012           Jeune Creation Europeénne. GMB, Bratislava
2012           Zlínsky salón mladých, Zlín, CZ
2012            Arteterapia, Gallery Medium, Bratislava
2012           Drawing: 11 propositions, T-gallery, Bratislava
2012           Paradise Hunters, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava
2011           „Space (8850 vertical)“, Krokus Gallery, Bratislava
2011           „Jeune Creation Européene“, Montrouge, France
2011           „Essl Award 2011", Gallery Medium, Bratislava
2011           „Fade in", PF01 Galéria, Bratislava
2010           „Better more than one", Open Gallery, Bratislava
2010           Kinetic Image", B2 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2010           Nenápadné médium", Galéria Cypriána Majerníka, Bratislava
2010           Videosekt", Galéria Medium, Bratislava
2010           „Jeune Creation", le Centequatre, Paris, France
2009           „Essl Award 2009", Galéria Medium, Bratislava
2009           „Nenápadné médium", Považská galéria, Žilina

2009           „Salon mladych", Zlín, CZ
2008           „Borderers", galeria Medium, Bratislava
2007           „Essl award", Galeria Medium, Bratislava
2007           „Continuum", Luxembourg
2006           „Les histoires des jardines", Fougeres, France
2004           „Istroart", sound art, Galeria Medium, Bratislava
2004           Kupicua", gallery in Durango, Mexico


artistic awards

2007           finalist of Essl Award 2007
2008           Premium of Igric, slovak film award
2008           winner of Videorats, videofestival in Celje, Slovenia
2009           participant of Berlinale Talent Campus 2009
2009           finalist of Essl Award 2009
2009           first prize in one minute Azyl film festival
2010           jury mention, Animasivo, Mexico
2011           finalist of Essl Awars 2011
2011           Silver Dove, DOK festival, Leipzig, Germany